EN-Motion Standard Full Medical Grade Treadmill

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Full Medical Grade Treadmill

Standard 230v treadmill including positive/negative inclination and fixed side bars and support set

*Ramp up platform available as an optional extra EN1665801 

The PHYSIO treadmill Specifically designed for the Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation clinics.

The physiotherapy and rehabilitation world has acquired a valuable asset: EN-Motion, the latest innovation in treadmills, ideal for physiotherapy and rehabilitation purposes. The unique design features of the EN Motion Treadmill ensure the best and safest treatment options.


EN-Motion gets the world moving

The EN-Motion brings together the long-established, reliable Enraf-Nonius quality and the practical experience of the movement specialist: a robust, modern and stylish treadmill that gives unequalled performance, with a strong emphasis on safety and ergonomics in its design.

The EN-Motion is a treadmill that perfectly meets the needs and requirements of the movement specialist, now and in the future.


EN-Motion: the ultimate PHYSIO treadmill

Auto speed

The EN-Motion has it! The treadmill automatically adjusts to the speed of the user, without the need to press controls. Auto speed ensures the optimum comfort in movement, ideal for exertion tests, such as the 6-minute walking test (6 MWT). Auto speed moves the physiotherapy and rehabilitation process forward!


Tests/clinical evaluations

Besides functional exercise programmes (which can be adapted as required), you can choose from various exertion tests, including the 6 MWT. With the auto speed function, you are guaranteed that this test will be carried out reliably! The test data are compared against standard data and are presented clearly. Make no mistake – you will make great strides in the area of clinimetrics with the EN-Motion.