Endolaser 120 - 3B Laser unit, with 2 sets of goggles & double head holder * excluding probes


New to the UK - Arrived April 2020

High Performance 3B Therapeutic Laser

The Clinician's choice*

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• Powerful solution to eliminate pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate tissue healing

• Fast & easy operation - ‘with the speed of light’

• Safe

• Effective

• Drug-free and non-invasive

• Evidence Based Clinical Guidelines incorporated

• Store your favourites 

• Smart laser monitoring system (Long Life Time Laser Technology) to ensure a stable output. 

Now and in the future.

• High quality beam characteristics 

• Automatic recognition of connected laser probes

• Automatic dosage/time adjustment based on output power level

• Touchscreen

• Ergonomically designed probes

• Variety of probes (CW and Pulsed)

• Easy to clean probes

• Compact & light weight device 


* Most laser research has been carried out on the 3B laser